​When a musician makes the decision to become an artist there are so many new challenges that can get in the way of the music. When you listen to artist, Dwayne Smitty Smitty, it doesn't take you long to hear that he stood steadfast to a vision of inspiration. The commitment to the sound, the groove, the history and the future of music art on this recording compels you, inspires you to do best."​Will Kennedy (Yellow Jackets)


​"I've really enjoyed playing with Smitty over the years. It's great to see him come out with his own music that puts his bass playing in focus on the cool funky tracks on his new release. The inventive arrangement of So What stands out as well as the syncopated Man Up. This CD is a must for all modern bass players as well as anybody that enjoys funky R+B and jazz.​"Jeff Lorber





"Smitty Smith is by far one of the best bass players in Los Angeles and probably on the planet. His resume reads like a who's who of the music industry. I can always count on Smitty to lay down a funky, solid bass line. He's helped me out on numerous occasions, keeping the band together with his solid reliable bottom. 

As far as his record ... I'm surprised how creative, imaginative and ambitious the music is. 
Check it OUT!!!" . .” – Jeff Lorber

Fresh, clean sound. . . – Ray Knight, Dayton, Ohio

I really enjoy your cd. It was good to hear fresh clean sound from a great bass player. So keep the good music coming. . .



"Impeccable Production. . . " – Ron Brown

"Dwayne Smitty Smith's new CD is a masterpiece, this funky, smooth, well thought out project takes you on a fun ride through many styles and colors. With great songs, impeccable production, "This Is Me" is a must have CD for your collection, it is one of the best CDs featuring bass I've heard and Dwayne "Smitty" Smith is one of the best players I've ever heard!"



Dwayne Smith - This Is Me – Mary Bentley, Smooth Views

Bass player Dwayne “Smitty” Smith is not really very well-known beyond the inner circle where musicians reside. Nonetheless, his debut CD, This Is Me, serves as a great introduction to his talent. If you didn’t know who he was prior to hearing this CD, you will surely remember him by the time the CD ends. There are 10 songs on this CD, most of them original tunes written by Smitty. He effectively plays a number of styles here, easily moving from funky, to smooth, to soulful, and spiritual. There are several headliner musicians on this album helping him out, including Gerald Albright, Jeff Lorber, and Will Downing. Smitty also has some good, solid side musicians playing alongside him for this release, including: Brian Simpson, Oscar Seaton, Tony Moore, Tim Gant, Dwight Sills, and Gail Johnson, among others. 

“Funky G,” which I presume is named for Gerald Albright, opens the album with a smooth jazz sax groove by Albright, accented by Smitty on the bass. Smitty next covers the Stevie Wonder tune, “Can’t Help It,” (made famous by Michael Jackson.) You get to hear the bass strongly on this one and get a sense of Smitty’s talent. The bass becomes his voice, and it’s supplemented by the background vocals of Will Downing’s silky baritone. In the title song, “This Is Me,” Smitty “formally” introduces himself and takes you into the heart of his playing. Aptly titled, “This Is Me,” this tune really introduces the listener to what he can do on the bass. “Just a Taste” really is just what the title says it is. It is a 57 second teaser. Just when you think the song is going to take off, it’s over. “YLKMS (Your Love Keeps Me Strong)” is an R&B flavored vocal tune, with the vocals being supplied by Tim Kepler. This is standard R&B fare, but nonetheless, fits in with the other songs on this release. “201 Lynwood” features Smitty playing alongside Tim Gant on keys. Less we forget that this is a bass player’s album, Smitty stretches out in the middle of the song and delivers a funky, head bopping solo. 

The best songs on this CD are the ones where Smitty brings the bass front and center and really showcases his talent, like “About That,” “Palladium,” and “Little GoGo.” His moving version of the spiritual, “Amazing Grace” is stellar. This song is played as primarily a bass solo piece, and as it is the last song on the album, it leaves the listener with a strong impression of both the musician and the instrument. 

This is a bass lover’s CD, and if you’re a fan of the instrument, this is one for your collection.

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